Let Me Go [closed] 

How did this happen? How did she get here? Sophie Enjolras used to have it all: loving family, perspective school and bright future. She was once happy, calling her beloved brother every day, spending every Sunday afternoon with him and their parents, sharing a family lunch. She was studying hard, hoping to become a musical actress one day. Everything was perfect.

That was until one day her father came home late, bruises and cuts all over his face. He was mumbling incoherently, forcing them all to pack their stuff and prepare to leave. They didn’t understand, but did what he asked them to, since the look on his face didn’t let them doubt his words. None of them knew he was involved in some serious illegal business which got out of his hands suddenly. He didn’t tell them, he didn’t think it was important.

They came when everything was packed and they were almost ready to leave. There were too many of them and someone grabbed Sophie and held her close, with a gun on her temple. She saw her mother and brother being shot, their lifeless bodies falling helplessly to the ground. She screamed and cried when they dragged her away. She wanted to stay, to hold her brother one last time, he couldn’t leave her like this…

They said they would let her go if her father paid what he owed. From what she heard, it was an unbelievable amount of money. No one pretended to believe he’d ever get the money, but they took everything from the house and they got the girl; a nice one, young one with pretty hair and perfect body. She would make the money.

Sophie cried a lot. She cried for her mother and brother and she cried when they beat her up. She cried even more when they ripped her clothes off and threw her on the floor, ‘testing her’, as they called it.

She didn’t stop crying when the other men laid with her. She begged them to leave her alone, she begged them to let her go. For every tear she shed, a hit and a punch followed. She didn’t care. The life has faded away from her.

She forgot how long she has even been there. She tried to forget how many men has laid with her, but that was impossible. She remembered all of them. Their faces, their smells… She didn’t cry any more. Not so often anyway. She was quiet and sad, the other whores laughed at her. They enjoyed their customers; she was a slave. No one seemed to care.

And yet, they kept her alive and pretty, well fed so she wouldn’t lose her natural beauty. She was their treasure, the special one, as they called her, and men didn’t mind paying extra for her. Mostly because there were no boundaries; they were allowed to do to her whatever they wanted as long as she survived it. That was their rule. Nothing more, nothing less. 

Every day, Sophie Enjolras wished for someone to break the rule.

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